Stonyfield_mislabeled-walmart.jpg Governmental and corporate organic industry watchdog, The Cornucopia Institute, lodged a complaint with Wisconsin regulators and the USDA after finding evidence of organic labeling on non-organic products at Wal-Mart Stores. Results of the resultant three-months long investigation was released recently. It was found that the charges were true and the retail giant has stated that it will prevent such practices in future.

Investigation Highlights
a. Wal-Mart has been charged with misleading consumers by wrongly portraying conventional food items as organic.
b. The Cornucopia Institute has complained to Wisconsin regulators and the USDA that this retail chain is practicing fraudulent labeling of food items.
c. They used photographs of products as evidence.
d. This fraud is basically in stores across 5 states from Texas to Minnesota.
e. Wisconsin regulators have so far sent a formal warning to the retail chain.
f. Wal-Mart has said steps would be taken in future to prevent such practices.
g. Wisconsin officials would continue keeping an eye on this chain.
h. To view more details of the investigation click here