plastic-surgery-gift-vouchers.jpg For the coming holiday season; many stores have come up with innovative gift giving ideas. Some cosmetic centers in UK are offering gift vouchers for cosmetic enhancements.

Program Highlights
a. The cosmetic gift vouchers can be purchased for any amount, and the exact amount can be determined at the time of consultation.
b. Interesting aspect of this trend is that women are purchasing gift vouchers for their husbands. It counts to be about 20%, a clinic head said.
c. Doctors of the BAAPS have opposed the trend, describing it as an unhealthy practice of luring customers to plastic surgery. BAAPS feels, that any cosmetic procedure must be performed, after thorough examination by a qualified doctor. It is not safe for people to take decision independently, regarding cosmetic enhancements.
d. The clinics defending the sale of gift vouchers, have said that "If someone is not fit to take the procedure, he is sent back".
e. The gift vouchers are available for invasive, non-invasive procedures and sometimes one can use it for just consultations also.

Clinic offering
b. Defy Time clinic, Swansea, UK