The recently launched skin care product line by Origins, (that belongs to cosmetic giant company, Estee Lauder) to defy aging signs on skin, is found to be unsafe. On examination it is found that Origins products contain Limonene- a carcinogen. The ingredients include emulsifiers, to name PEG-100, ceteareth 20 are not purified properly and posses carcinogen ethylene, which is rated as harmful. Parabens in cosmetic products can result in toxic hormonal effects, leading to endocrine disruptions. Likewise Butylene glycol found in the products can lead to skin irritation and Bisabolol paves way for deep penetration of cosmetics into skin.

However, Estee Lauder has refuted the charges as baseless and declared that the safety of its company’s products is established beyond doubt. Contrary to this, Aveda (an US Estee Lauder’s company) has initiated measures to eliminate the toxic ingredients in its products including in those of Origins. But the company has not done the same exercise for its products sold in Japanese market. This is a matter of concern, exposing the double standards, adopted (in US and elsewhere) by Estee Lauder.