carol-alt-eating-in-the-raw.jpg Carol Alt a renowned actress and model has written a book named "Eating in the Raw: A Beginner's Guide to Getting Slimmer, Feeling Healthier, and Looking Younger the Raw-Food Way". The book reveals her personal experiences. The author herself could tide over multitude of health problems by eating raw food in place of cooked food. The book reveals that eating raw diet and staying on herbs does wonders in reversing aging, lowering weight or curing dreaded diseases like cancer. Carol Alt has discussed in depth on the benefits of organic eating, what the body needs to function at optimum levels etc. It has much to tell about nutrition.

Book Review
a. Carol says cancer is an acid reaction, and is result of cooking food.
b. The book discussess what exactly raw food is—and isn’t—and how to integrate it into your diet.
c. The book is priced at $16.00 and is given a 3 / 5 star customer reviews.