60 year old Sherrie Mathieson, who has excelled in her previous roles as a costume designer and style consultant, has come out with a book to help middle-aged men and women to be fashionable. In her book, Forever Cool, Mathieson puts forward a style guide for older people who are not always fashionably correct and, in the process, she exploits a $100 billion dollar industry.

Book Review
a. Ther are almost 75 million men and women who stand to gain from this book to look fashionably young.
b. Forever Cool exhorts people to be brave enough to change their outlook.
c. Sherrie Mathieson asks her readers to throw away outdated clothes.
d. The book reassures people that '60 is the new 45'.
e. Clothes of lighter colors are cool and ones with big prints are a big no.
f. The book recommends fashion accessories like jewelry and shoes that make all the difference.
g. Good clothes draw attention away from your ageing skin.
h. Forever Cool is available for a special price of $15.61 plus shipping at