The power of the Web is there for all to see. Beauty companies have now jumped into the fray and are making the most of this highly interactive tool to lure more customers. Though the job is not as easy as it sounds, beauty product manufacturers are taking the creative line to achieve their purpose. With highly imaginative graphics, colorful videos and personalized question and answer sessions, these companies are achieving their target quietly and purposefully.

Internet and Cosmetics
a. In 2006, health and beauty product companies spent almost $470 million on online advertising.
b. More and more companies are paying for online surveys and search engine optimization
c. It is estimated that nearly 14 per cent of health and beauty sales will be made online by 2010.
d. Their online advertising is very creative and eye catching with videos and personalized interactive features.
e. Anti-aging cream Reversa advertising includes sexy videos of young men.
f. Cosmetic company offers its website online chat with makeup artists and also company promptly answers customers email 24/7.
g. Shampoo brand Alterna is launching a brand new website to target young audience. The site is set to connect to its young audience.
h. Personal grooming product Philips Norelco Bodygroom body shaver has built a website Shave to promote its product.