Most women are usually dissatisfied with their bodies and the way they look. To help such women deal with their complexes, Lifetime will be bringing Britain's reality show, How To Look Good Naked, to the US in 2008. This show will be telecast on Lifetime from January next year and will be of 8 half-an-hour episodes.

Show Highlights
a. This show will be hosted by Carson Kressley.
b. Kressley will share his secrets from the world of fashion and beauty in each episode.
c. He will give tips on how to dress appropriately, how to choose the right undergarments and how to style hair and apply make-up.
d. It is an internal and external makeover show.
e. It boosts the confidence of women regarding their bodies.
f. This show teaches women of all shapes and sizes to love and be comfortable with their bodies.
g. It imparts the message that one does not have to resort to extreme dieting or cosmetic surgery to be beautiful.