The right attitude and image is most important in today's word. Be it personal or professional, a person is known and respected for his or her personality. To help disadvantaged people overcome their image problems in private, Wendy Brown, is going global with her makeover services. Wendy Brown, a life coach, former model, fashionista, author and image expert, is now an image consultant for men and women across the globe. She offers her services with the help of various multi media options.

Highlights of Wendy Brown's consultation services
a. Clients are given personal attention over the phone and face to face sessions.
b. This consultancy was founded to help women and men achieve and refine their personal and professional image.
c. Clients are helped and recommended the right cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dentistry procedures. They are also helped with selecting the right clothing colors weight loss, and nutrition and improve their communication skills.
d. Personal consulting services are offered to both women and men to improve their personal and professional image and the quality of their lives
e. There is a motivational and instructional DVD Video and CD collection that reveals more than 270 personal makeover image tips, tricks, grooming techniques and beauty secrets for both men and women. To buy the DVD click here
f. It helps people overcome their apprehension and replace it with confidence.
g. A full image assessment is done during the initial consultation and clients are helped to exploit their full potential.
h. Each package is customized to meet individual needs and accordingly styles and procedures are recommended.
i. The team consists of highly qualified stylists, trainers, fashion experts and beauty and grooming consultants.
j. A 30-minute free consultation is offered via their website