breastfeeding-trends.jpg Breastfeeding a baby is not the only option available for new mothers. With numerous infant formulas available in the market, mothers can always choose to take the easy way out. However, recent surveys have shown that the trend for most mothers now is to go in for breastfeeding their babies. So much so, that it has almost become a fashion statement. However, this can be quite painful for first time mothers and even for experienced mothers, especially during the early days. Baby-product makers, retailers and entrepreneurs are cashing in on this and flooding the market with pumps, clothes designed just for a nursing mother and other accessories.

Breastfeeding trends
a. Breast-feeding gives babies wholesome nutrition, maternal bonding and immunity.
b. In the 1990s, there was just a single double electric portable breast pump available in the market.
c. Today, more than 20 such products are easily available.
d. The 1950s till the early 1970s saw a drop in breastfeeding due to the introduction of infant formula in the general market.
e. The mid-1970s saw more mothers nursing their babies.
f. In 2005, about 73 per cent of mothers with children between the ages of 19 to 35 months nursed their children.
g. Now, more women are willing to nurse their babies even after joining back work.
h. This trend makes breast pump and accessories a necessity in modern life.
i. Breastfeeding pump manufacturers are choosing popular tv shows to advertise their products.