There are some psychological truths to be weighted before undergoing plastic surgeries. To summarize, these are;

1. It is wrong notion that you will be turned beautiful after undergoing plastic surgery overnight. To be realistic, you can aspire for improvement in your appearance only, and not turning beautiful altogether.

2. Out of craziness some people may get addicted to plastic surgery. The desire to look that may be impossible to attain keeps them going back to get the results they want.

3. The word plastic does not involve usage of plastics in plastic surgeries.

4. It is wrong notion to believe that one who has undergone cosmetic surgery are thrilled and exited with the results of plastic surgery.

5. A face-lift and tummy tuck after a divorce will set a woman up for successful dating. It is a good sign that the survivor of a divorce wants to improve her appearance so that she can be competitive in the dating pool, relying exclusively on her new looks to either make the ex jealous or to find herself a new husband is bound to lead to disappointment.

6. Women who get breast implants have a higher rate of suicide than those who don't, as per a study.

7. People who have restorative types of procedures are more likely to be able to easily adjust and embrace the results than those who are changing their type of look to a different one.