fat-mannequins.jpg Mannequins have always been tall and slim. Clothes never look bad on them. But recent developments may soon change the way mannequins look. Most Americans are getting heavier and the aneroxic appearance of mannequins is no longer relevant. Besides, they also pressurize women to go on unrealistic weight loss stints. Though there are heavier versions available in the market, takers so far have been few. Most designers also prefer the excessively thin version to the heavier ones.

Standard sizes
a. Most mannequins come in sizes 4 to 6.
b. They are usually 6 ft tall and abnormally thin.
c. The clothes draped over them are right just for underweight people.
d. They exhibit the trends of the times.

a. It is an unrealistic portrayal.
b. It results in women pursuing abnormal weight loss procedures.
c. This can result in serious eating disorders.

Recent Developments
a. Since early 2007, in Spain and Italy, it is a must for models to have an acceptable body fat index.
b. Recently, in London, underweight models were offered a free lunch before a fashion show.
c. In Ireland and the UK, specialists of eating disorders are demanding the development of more realistic-looking mannequins.