A new X-ray device is all set to scan passengers traveling by air. This device can see through clothes and is currently being tested at the Sky Harbor Airport, Phoenix Arizona. Though some passengers are hailing this as convenient and less time consuming, others are not very comfortable with the idea of their bodies being revealed to security people.

Product review
a. This new scanner can see through the clothes of people and reveal the body within.
b. It has been criticized as being invasive of people's privacy.
c. According to the Transportation Security Administration, it apparently shows only the outlines of the figure while revealing any hidden weapons.
d. So far, it is now used only as a backup screening.
e. Passengers will be given a choice between this machine or a manual body search.
f. The entire procedure takes just a minute.
g. It is currently undergoing a 90 day testing at the Sky Harbor International Airport.
h. The system costs about $100,000.
i. Experts who were concerned that the images might be stored have been calmed saying that the system does not save any passenger images.