The boom in plastic surgery is making Obstetricians and Gynecologists shift towards plastic surgery field. The reason for doctors shifting their loyalties is, chiefly money. For example at an average Obstetricians earn anywhere between $219,000-$302,000 annually, however a med spa practice brings in about ½ a million per year. Many med-spa there is no insurance coverage, which means that that the customer’s pay for the service and money is immediate. Obstetricians and Gynecologists see that the med-spa and non invasive procedure there is no stress, no emergency calls and deem it to be an easy business. But the trend is unwelcome to few in medical community.

Concerns over Physicians shifting to cosmetic field
a. Physicians performing Cosmetic procedures need special training in dermatology/plastic surgery.
b. Doctors entering cosmetic field argue that cosmetic procedures are less complicated compared to the procedures they have done like cesarean sections.
c. Many experts feel that the jump to plastic surgery field should not be immediate and the procedures should be learnt by attending classes.