Europa International is introducing the first ever-cosmetic surgery “Superdraw”. This has invoked sharp criticism from Plastic Surgeons. Surgeons have described it as nothing but a marketing gimmick. The winner of the monthly draw would get £6,000 to undergo plastic surgery.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has criticized Europa International and has released a statement that Europa International has violated BAAPS code of ethics that that bars companies to use financial incentives to draw people for cosmetic enhancements. However the company has said that there is no compromise in safety before undergoing surgery. Each patient is asked to fill a medical questionnaire, by which the suitability of candidate to undergo surgery is determined. Europa International claims that necessary precautions are taken to make sure the surgery is risk free.

Program Highlights
a. It’s a monthly draw conducted for women in UK
b. The value of the cosmetic surgery being offered in the superdraw is £6,000, If a customer wins a draw and the cost of the surgery is higher than the prized amount, then the patient only pays for the difference.
c. To enter the draw one has to enter by calling calling 0907 004 0069 or text 88833 (Calls and texts cost £1.50 )