A recent study published in the July issue of Plastic and Re-constructive Surgery says that TV reality shows on cosmetic procedures have a profound influence on the decisions of patients considering such procedures. According to the co-author of the study and member surgeon of ASPS, John Persing, MD, ethnicity also plays a major role in how the influence is felt.

Study Highlights
a. Researchers studied the behavior of 42 cosmetic plastic surgery patients.
b. Out of these patients, 57 per cent were high-intensity viewers of plastic surgery shows.
c. These patients were greatly influenced by television and the media to opt for cosmetic plastic surgery.
d. They felt they knew more about general plastic surgery.
e. They also believed that the reality shows on plastic surgery reflected real life situations.
f. Four out of five participants said that the reality shows heavily influenced their decision to go in for plastic surgery.
g. One-third said that they were moderately influenced.
h. It was noticed that almost 75 per cent Hispanics, 70 per cent African Americans and 36 per cent Caucasians were high-intensity viewers of such reality shows.
i. 50 per cent of the surveyed Hispanics and 7 per cent of Caucasians were moderately influenced.