The fear of breast cancer is often shrouded in assumptions, beliefs, social norms and dictates. Nobody can understand this better that a sufferer. After her second brush with breast cancer, Jacqeuline Skaggs decided to create awareness about this disease and help patients live a life of pride and dignity. The result was Rebel1in8. Through this website, this extraordinary woman strives to draw attention to the woman behind the breasts.

Website's Mission
a. This website was founded in 2004.
b. It started out with the creation of 'awareness jewelry to cover medical costs.
c. Its mission is to inform and nurture breast cancer and unveil stories of patients.
d. It addresses the fear associated with breast cancer.
e. It helps a patient to come to terms with their cancer.
f. All women stand to gain from this website.
g. This site uses pictures and words to help women retain their identity in a post-breast cancer world.
h. To buy Rebel1in8 jewelry click here