victoria-secret-bikini-line.jpg Women's lingerie manufacturer Victoria Secret is being sued by a customer over one of its popular bikini lines. Dawn Giugliano of Long Island, N.Y., was wearing a bathing suit during one of her trips to the beach and fell asleep on the beach. The bathing suit she was wearing had metal rings on the top and the metal rigns absorbed the suns heat and burned her chest, permanently scarring her. Apparently, even plastic surgery did not seem to help. According to reports, she has sued the company for $2 million in a case of negligence.

Highlights of the lawsuit
a. She claims that their bikini permanently scarred her after she spent some time in the sun while on a holiday.
b. The culprit was the metal ring that holds the suit's top cups together.
c. The sun heated this metal and burned her chest, leaving a permanent mark.
d. These metal rings are used in Victoria Secret's racy swimwear line