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Brazilian surgeon's endeavors results in "lipotourism"

Posted on June 14, 2007

Medical information on a wristband

Posted on April 25, 2007

Go for a reconstructive procedure while tangoing in Argentina

Posted on April 04, 2007

A guide to off shoring your plastic surgery

Posted on December 19, 2006

Merit Global offers low cost surgeries to the un-insured in the US

Posted on December 12, 2006

Medical travel company the US offers fixed price model to employers for surgeries

Posted on December 11, 2006

Harvard Medical ties up with Wockhardt Hospitals, India

Posted on December 08, 2006

Competition drives Bangkok plastic surgery clinic to offer free services

Posted on December 08, 2006

Tunisia all set to emerge as a low cost medical tourism hub

Posted on December 06, 2006

Foreigners rushing to Thailand, ignoring the risks of undergoing surgery abroad

Posted on December 01, 2006

Medretreat offers medical tourism packages at 1/3rd cost in the US

Posted on November 28, 2006

Gummy bear breast implant surgery performed in Brazil

Posted on November 26, 2006 creates waves in medical tourism by unveiling videoconferencing facility

Posted on October 24, 2006

Concerns over low cost plastic surgeries in Egypt

Posted on October 19, 2006

US companies to sponsor employees overseas plastic surgeries

Posted on September 20, 2006

Medical tourism lures American patients abroad

Posted on September 02, 2006

Medical tourism for sex change surgeries gaining popularity in Bangkok

Posted on August 24, 2006

Medical tourism companies luring US corporate employers

Posted on August 04, 2006

Medical tourism costs and common medical tourism destinations

Posted on July 25, 2006

Amid Tsunami's and earthquakes Thailand aims to become a premier destination for plastic surgery medical tourism

Posted on July 23, 2006

Americans flying overseas to undergo plastic surgeries

Posted on July 20, 2006

South Africa is an emerging destination for plastic surgeries

Posted on June 26, 2006

Czech Republic is famous for its beer, historic sites, girls, cut glass and now affordable cosmetic surgery

Posted on June 02, 2006

Back Street Plastic surgeries proving fatal

Posted on May 30, 2006

Dominican Republic becoming the Mecca of Plastic Surgery

Posted on May 24, 2006

Korean hospitals eager to tap overseas patients for plastic surgery

Posted on May 16, 2006

Great vacation spots with cheap Plastic Surgery costs

Posted on May 14, 2006

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