Medical tourism is gaining popularity and also is being accepted by many patients who wish to lower their medical bills. Now the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has released a set of guidelines for patients to follow while selecting a plastic surgeon.

Essential guidelines for patient seeking cosmetic surgeries abroad
a. Patients considering medical tourism abroad should always consult a local doctor in the US prior to considering surgery abroad. The local doctor can assist in decision making process and also keep the patient informed of any complications that may occur after the surgery. To select a board certified plastic surgeon Click here .
b. Patients have to check if there are any photos available of the facilities abroad and also check to see if the plastic surgeon is qualified to perform the said surgery. One has to ask questions such as how many similar surgeries has the surgeon undertaken in the last 2 years etc. In this regard the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is the ultimate source with information on qualified cosmetic surgeons worldwide.
c. See, whether you have any problem with long flight journeys. While traveling to destinations like India or South East Asia, the flight duration is approximately 18 – 20 hours.
d. The perceived cost savings may not be actual cost savings incurred by the patient, one has to consider cost of the trip including travel cost, lodging, boarding and also stand-by expenses that are required in case there are complications after surgery.
e. Check whether there is acute care center nearby, in case you develop complications.
f. Check the local standards of anesthesia and nursing care.
g. The surgeons team has to be clearly knowledgeable about your intended outcomes ( in case of plastic surgery ). Clearly communicate with the plastic surgeon to let him / her know of the enhancement you intend.
h. See for the liability coverage doctor holds and check the local laws governing medical malpractices.
i. Participate in plastic surgery forums to identify if anybody has had good or bad experiences in the hospitals or plastic surgeons you have selected.