medical-tourism.jpg Thailand, India and Costa Rica have emerged as centers for medical tourism. Every year there are more and more americans flying overseas to undergo plastic surgery at a very low cost. For a hip joint reshaped and resurfaced the cost in US is $60,000, which is done in India for just $10,000 ( including hotel & airfare ). There are now companies who are specializing in medical tourism and helping patients find the right doctors. If you need a spinal fusion, it is about $90,000 in the United States, in Singapore, the cost is $9,000 ( including hotel & airfare ). The weight-reducing gastric bypass operation would cost $48,000 in the United States, it costs just $11,000 in India ( including hotel & airfare ).

The prices are so attractive that some U.S. medical groups say that every patient should have 2 questions answered before considering plastic surgery abroad. One is once, the plastic surgery is done & you return home, do you have a doctor to follow up?. Second question is there a backup plan if something goes wrong?