Rosa-Conos-3005.jpgThe high cost of Plastic Surgery, is forcing Chilean women to opt for cheaper and dangerous alternatives performed by unauthorized medical practitioners. A woman recently fell into coma and died after undergoing back street operation.

Rosa Conas who is single and wanted to find a boyfriend paid $400 for a procedure to enlarge her breasts and lips. Rosa complained that each of her breast was injected with one litre of silicon liquid gel. She says "After the operation I could not wear a bra because my breasts were so swollen".

Transvestites are another group of people who opt for these dangerous procedures. Bianca, a sex worker, recalled; that she had the procedure done following her aunt, who was also a transvestite." I went to the same person who did it to her. "I felt feverish for the first few days, and there was a horrible burning sensation where it was all inflamed. It was very uncomfortable, i have to use a special bra for a month and it left me with a huge bruise. There are hundreds of poor women, who are paying to undergo these dangerous procedure and hundreds of the back street practitioners who are conducting these procedures.