The father of Brazilian plastic surgery industry Ivo Pitanguy, 80 is a veteran & pioneer in the field. Pitanguy has surgically enhanced the features and body of thousands of patients in the last few decades. He has trained more than 600 cosmetic surgeons practicing in at least 43 countries around the world. Its because of Ivo Pitanguy, that Brazil is known as the destination for cosmetic procedures. His clientèle ranges from celebrities, sports stars & society icons. And despite reported complications, some fatal, this trend has not been reversed. Now Ivo Patanguy is offering lipotourism to patients around the world.

Highlights of Brazil's lipotourism
a. In 2006 alone, officials recorded a 65 percent jump in foreigners coming to the country for health treatments including cosmetic procedures.
b. Cheaper alternatives lure tourists to Brazil for cosmetic procedures.
c. Most of the patients come from countries where such procedures are too expensive.
d. In Brazil, personal information of patients is zealously guarded.
e. Patients are treated like royalty here.
f. Response to queries is prompt.
g. Celebrity endorsements also helped.
h. The difference in costs is huge. A face-lift in the US costs around $6,000. In Brazil, it is $1,900.