The cutthroat competition in plastic surgery industry is making cosmetic clinics to offer new services for patients' convenience and comfort. Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic, a leading plastic surgery clinic in Thailand is the latest to join the race. To attract patients seeking cosmetic enhancements the clinic has come out with innovative free services.

Costs Savings in Bangkok
a. The clinic provides free transportation to patients from airport to clinic, hotel and shopping areas, all for free of cost .
b. Provides, with an concierge, who accompanies patient assisting them in their hospital, clinic and at all times during their travel.
c. Foreign language translators are available round the clock. Language translators in English, Japanese, French, Korean and Chinese are available.
d. The clinic has certifications like ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9002.
e. The cost of cosmetic surgeries; for example breast enhancement surgery here costs $2200. The same may cost up to $10,000 in western countries.
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