egypt-plastic-surgeries-medical-tourism.jpg Egypt has become a hot spot for plastic surgeries, especially for people from developed countries like US and UK. The reason for the growing popularity is the abnomally low cost and tourism locations in Egypt. A thigh liposuction is done for a mere $260 in Egypt, which can cost upto $2,000 in US and $3,000 in UK. The prices for plastic surgery in Egypt are 60-70% lower, for corresponding treatment in US or UK. As these surgeries are not covered by insurance, many patients are moving out of their homeland to cut down the costs.

But there are safety concerns to note. Few of the clinics are employing medical students or general practitioners to cut down the costs, said Kadry, a member of Egyptian Society of Reconstructive and Plastic Surgeons. These fake clinics are mushrooming in and around
Cairo are putting the people undergoing surgeries at risk. Commenting on this Mohammed Abdel Shafi an official of health ministry (Egypt) has said that his department is seeking more powers to control these bogus clinics.

Photo: Egyptian doctor shows pictures of a patient before and after her Rhinoplasty surgery in Cairo