yanhee-hospital-medical-tourism-thailand.jpg Despite the possible risks of undergoing surgeries abroad, people around the globe are rushing to Thailand. The low cost of surgical procedures and world class medical facilities has made Thailand a hotspot for medical tourists. The Thailand Tourism agency predicts about 1.40 million international patients to visit Thailand in 2007.

Merits and De-merits of Medical tourism in Thailand
a. Thailand has 33 internationally accredited hospitals with world class facilities and Yanhee hospital is the best for sex change operations.
b. Breast enlargement surgery at Yanhee hospital costs $2,200 and Phalloplasty, a procedure that involves building men’s private parts from skin graft (8 hour procedure) costs $5,500.
c. Yanhee hospital employs translators to work with patients from multi-cultural backgrounds.
d. To check the prices for a variety of plastic surgery procedures at the Yahnee hospital – Click here
e. The main drawback of having plastic surgery abroad is that if there are any complications after the surgery, the patient has to deal with a new set of doctors while recuperating in their home country.

The patients have to be well knowledgeable about the outcomes of the procedures and the possible complications if any. The concept of medical tourism is gaining popularity by promoting only the cost advantage and many are ignoring the risks associated with undergoing surgery abroad.