map-of-argentina.jpg There is now a cheaper option for people planning to go in for cosmetic surgery. Only thing is that it will involve some travel. Argentina has emerged as the favorite destination for tourists who also hope to fit in a reconstructive procedure along with their travel plans. Besides its fabulous nightlife and markets and tango dancers, tourists can avail of the services of the country's plastic surgeons at unbelievably low rates.

Cost savings & Benefits offered by hospitals
a. Argentina has some of the best and most experienced plastic surgeons.
b. It ranks third in the world in the number of cosmetic procedures performed per capita.
c. It is highly cost effective considering that the current exchange rate is three pesos to a dollar.
d. There is no compromise in quality.
e. Health care professionals here are very professional and efficient.
f. To ease the procedure for tourists, cosmetic clinics have tie ups with travel agents.
g. Almost 40 per cent of tourists choose cosmetics procedures along with their travel itinerary.
h. Procedures cost almost 75 per cent less than in the US or Europe.