Other than silicon and saline breast implants, breast augmentation surgery is also done using "Gummy bear" implants. These implants are available in U.S. through clinical trials only. Brazilian surgeons are permitted to use gummy bear gels in breast implant surgeries. The low cost of breast augmentation surgery and exotic travel destinations in Brazil, is making American women to land in Brazil to undergo this surgery.

Concerns over breast augmentation surgeries
a. American Society of Plastic Surgeons has cautioned those willing to undergo cosmetic surgery overseas to look for accreditation of both doctors and facilities, where you wish to perform surgery.
b. Many of the surgeries performed in Brazil are done in clinic rather than hospital, making it unsafe and risky.
c. Surgeries performed in Brazil are cut short, in case there is bleeding. This is because, many Brazilian clinics, don't posses blood in surplus to tide over the situation.
d. In case of post-surgical complications the cost advantage of performing surgery outside US, is nullified.
e. A couple of medical tourism companies which specialize in Brazilian plastic surgery are Cosmetic Vacations and Estetica Brazil