sex-change-surgery.jpg Bangkok has become a hub for patients who wish to perform sex change operation. And medical tourism is getting a lot of buzz, especially after the arrest of JonBenet Ramsey murder suspect John Mark Karr in Thailand last week. There are numerous reasons people travel from all over the world to Bangkok, including low cost, great tourism destination and great care.

Bangkok sex change operations review

a. Operations are cheap compared to the United States and Europe
b. There are numerous doctors who perform these sex change surgeries in Bangkok and some have performed 3000 plus of these operations.
c. The operation costs ranges from $1,625 to$9,500
d. Many hospitals provide free hotel accomodation for the duration of the patients stay.
e. Sex change operation takes maximum of three hours
f. Patients have to submit a letter from mental health professionals and a proof that he / she has been behaving as the gender he desired for some time
e. Thailand has a very large open transgender community
f. Other medical tourism destinations gaining in popularity for sex change surgeries are Belgium and Montreal

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