cheap-medical-tourism.jpg Sky rocketing cost of medical care in the U.S is encouraging patients to opt for medical care abroad. The number of options available for patients outside the American health care system is soaring rapidly these days. The number one reason for medical tourism boom is that medical care is becoming more and more affordable in developing countries. The boom in medical tourism is taking its toll on American health care system

a. The medical facilities and quality of service, available in the countries such as India, Thailand, Costa Rica, Brazil and Mexico are comparable to that of the U.S.
b. Access to global telecommunications and Internet provide major safeguards for medical tourism.
c. Websites such as are guiding Americans to opt for medical care outside the U.S.
d. Patients can save up to 80 percent on pricey medical procedures.
e. An operation which costs about $150,000 in the US, costs only $15,000 in India and this includes hospital stay and room rentals.