For patients who do not wish to go abroad for elective surgeries, now there is a new option of medical tourism in the US. Albuquerque based medical travel company, Global Choice, is developing a network of medical facilities in the US and offering employers the choice to set prices for elective surgeries, at hospitals and specialty clinics.

Program Features
a. Although the cost of surgeries are higher than those prevailing in developing countries, they would be very low compared to existing cost of surgeries in the US.
b. Employers can avail the benefit of transparent and fixed-prices; that are set after best bargain or negotiations with hospitals.
c. Typically, prices of surgeries include travel expenses in the US and other medical costs.
d. Global Choice is still negotiating with hospitals across US, to strike a deal, where the fixed prices set are most competitive (low).
e. The company promises that patients who use their network save about 1/3rd the original cost of the surgery in the US.
f. A personal assistant is provided to the patients to receive them at the airport and be with them during their stay.
g. All the hospitals are pre-screened and doctors are board certified.
h. Customers who wish to view the prices of various cosmetic and medical procedures click here