Medretreat is a medical tourism company founded in 2003 and offered its services to 550 patients since inception. The company is now offering medical tour packages for about 1/3rd of the cost in the U.S. The company specializes in identifying qualified doctors and facilities for medical procedures abroad. Medretreat's website offers detailed information about accommodation, travel, weather, hospitals, procedures in all their preferred medical tourism destinations.

Company Highlights
a. Medretreat offers medical tourism packages to India, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina and South Africa.
b. The company assists patients by educating the patient about the process and consequences.
c. Medretreat has a preferred rate plan with many hospitals abroad and offers the lowest possible rates to their clients. The rates are not available for patients if they approach these hospitals on their own.
d. The company has serviced approximately 550 patients, out of which majority of the clients have had plastic surgery, followed by orthopedic, gynecological and hysterectomies.
e. Offers travel booking and planning services also.
f. The hospitals and hotel’s selected by Medretreat offer the same service and quality as American hospitals and hotels.
g. Medretreat also offers money back guarantee if patients are not satisfied with their service.
h. To sign up for a free membership click here