Most chocolates available in the market are not 100 per cent pure cocoa. Chocolate lovers now have something to relish on. The percentage content of most chocolates available in the market is not 100 per cent pure cocoa.

A Hershey bar contains just about 11 per cent cocoa and the Special Dark version has 45 per cent cocoa. Lovers of dark chocolate have a tough time getting a pure bar of chocolate.
But chocolate lovers' search stops with the Lindt, which are available in the United States. Their chocolates contain 99 per cent cocoa. To buy Lindt custom chocolates click here. Note that you have to buy 6 bars for your order to complete.

a. It contains chocolate, cocoa powder, cocoa butter and sugar.
b. It tastes mildly bitter.
c. It melts quickly on the tongue and gives out a creamy feeling in the mouth.
d. It does not taste like chocolate as we know it.
e. It does not leave a chemical aftertaste or a waxy feeling in the mouth.
f. These bars weight less than normal chocolate bars.
g. These are almost 10 per cent more expensive than other chocolate bars.
h. It should be eaten slowly with plenty of water.

Available at
These are available at Lindt chocolate stores.

$32 per pound