The recovery process of most cosmetic surgery procedure is painful and time consuming. Patients are, at times, confined for long periods and have to continuously resort to consuming painkillers. BioElectronics Corporation has now come up with an answer. Their ActiPatch Therapy will make plastic surgery recuperation a comfortable and easy process. It not only reduces treatment time but is also extremely cost effective.

Highlights of ActiPatch
a. This is an anti-inflammatory and drug free patch that runs on a battery operated microchip.
b. This is made from a soft and breathable fabric and is based on the technology of pulsed therapy.
c. It provides continuous 24 hour therapy.
d. It is very comfortable, convenient and easy to use.
e. It has a pocket on each side to hold a crescent shaped ActiPatch.
f. It can be placed over the area to be treated without any adhesive.
g. A patient can continue with normal activities during treatment.
h. It reduces swelling and bruising by up to 50 per cent.
i. It speeds up the recovery process and is cost effective.
j. It decreases the need for pain killers.
k. Each patch can last from 10 to 30 days.
l. It can be used on patients of plastic surgeries to speed up the healing process.
m. It can also be used on wounds, injuries, etc.