smile-detecting-camera.jpg Sony has come out with an innovative camera that clicks photographs only when the subject smiles. The camera will be ready for sale starting the holiday season this year. The camera can also be used as a normal camera. All one needs to do is shut off the function.

Highlights of the smile detecting camera
a. This is an 8-megapixel Cyber Shot camera.
b. It comes in 2 models, DSC-T70 and DSC-T200.
c. This camera uses faced-detection technology.
d. This camera is programmed to click a picture only when the subject smiles.
e. There is an LCD panel in the camera which the photographer can touch with a special pen to decide which face to focus on.
f. It has a smile-recognition shutter function which can pick up to eight people with key smiles.
g. It has three setting levels, from a slight grin to a good laugh.