Aque-cool-rapid-recovery-system.jpg Aqueduct Medical, Inc. a San Francisco based medical device company has announced the introduction of the AqueCool™ Rapid Recovery System™ at "Plastic Surgery 2006" to be held in San Francisco from October 6-11. It is an effective recovery system for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery patients. It improves standard of post operative care, by reducing bruising, swelling pain and discomfort.

a. The AqueCool Rapid Recovery System optimizes the healing environment after operation reducing the downtime and facilitating speedy recovery.
b. It consists a thermo-electric cooling device and a form fitting AqueCool Masque™, which delivers cool therapy to the site of the injury. This avoids the risk of skin damage associated with ice-based therapies.
c. It is soothing and safe, which can be used after the cosmetic surgery.
d. The company will rent the AqueCool System to patients, shipping it directly to and from their home.

Clinical trials for a year have shown a positive feedback from patients and doctors, who have expressed satisfaction over the efficacy and utility of AqueCool. For more information, please call 1-877-365-HEAL or visit