organic-cosmetics.jpgGollner, president of Carina Organics, renowned for making natural hair and skin products are part of the booming Organic cosmetic industry, which is cashing in on people looking for substitute of synthetic cosmetics. Buyers are switching over to botanical cosmetics to protect their bodies from effects of toxic interactions. Dr. Baumann says, synthetics like retin-A for wrinkles is the best compared to its botanical alternatives and few organic brands have essential oils, which may cause dermatitis.

Many experts feel that certified organic cosmetics are rarely available, because of low demand for the organic products. One has to study the company reputation, products, ingredients and philosophy, before going to organic cosmetics. Gollner recommends using the National Institutes of Health website -- -- where you can search an ingredient and get a toxicology report on it, but all ingredients have not been tested. The website, provides unbiased informative discussion on organic cosmetics.