artificial-eyelashes-0106.jpgAfter permanent make-up, the latest beauty trend for women is – eyelash extensions. The process is simple, where a trained professional tapes down your lower lashes to avoid gluing top and bottom together, then uses heavy-duty glue and tweezers to attach a single lash like fiber to an individual lash. It’s easy, so light, looks natural & pretty. The semi-permanent lashes cost about $200, and they come in an unimaginable number of colors, styles and types. The glues also come in a wide range of qualities and types. Despite that, the glues and the procedure are safe, according to Seattle ophthalmologist Dr. Richard Bensinger.

“My understanding is the glue is very similar to Krazy glue and there’s really no toxicity to Krazy glue per se. In fact, we use it medically to close incisions,” Bensinger said. He said that, although the glues aren’t toxic, they can still pose a danger in the wrong hands. Steed and Lilley, who both received training from Lavish Lash, one of the most popular brands, said it’s important to find a practitioner who has received hands-on training. Initial appointments last about 2 hours. Maintenance: Upkeep appointments, typically once every two to four weeks, are about $50. During the 15- to 30-minute sessions, new lashes are applied where others have fallen out.