beauty-food.jpg The desire to look young has taken the cosmetic industry to great heights and is now taking on the food industry. In Britain, pharmaceutical company Noreva has come out with Anti-Wrinkle-Jam”. The company claimed that it would eliminate wrinkles and ageing signs on the face. Soft drink giant Coca-Cola has released anti-oxidant rich V&T drink, which company claimed it has anti-ageing affects. Eiwa the Japanese sweet maker has released a collagen marshmallows and have declared that eating them would have the same effect as taking collagen injections. But these claims were disapproved by ‘British Skin Foundation’. But irrespective of experts views the Beauty Food Revolution, is on rise in Europe, US, UK reaching new heights over times.

a. The acai berry costs £5.95 for 400g of frozen pulp. The acai berry known as a super food contains anthocyanins, fatty acids, iron, calcium and vitamins A and C
b. Noreva Norélift anti-wrinkle jam costs £4.80 for 120g. The anti-wrinkle jam is available in 3 flavours.
c. Borba skin balance water costs £1.30. The product claims to improve skin texture and clear acne.
d. Swiss chocolate that's good for your skin is priced at $3.69 each