A Greensboro company Cupron Inc company has come out with textiles impregnated with copper oxide, which helps prevent bad body odor and inhibit bacterial growth even after continuous use. Some of the company's products include hypoallergenic makeup brushes, complexion-enhancing sleep mask and pillow cases and hand care gloves. Though the medical community is skeptical regarding the products anti-bacterial properties, Jaffrey Gabbay the promoter of these copper enriched textiles is very optimistic of its efficacy.

Product Features
a. One of the company's products is the copper impregnated sock, which claims to not release any bad odor, even if it is not washed after prolonged use.
b. Trial studies conducted by podiatrist Richard C.Zatcoff of South Carolina have revealed that Cupron Inc’s socks have healed athlete’s foot in 56 patients.
c. The founder of the company claims that the use of their products helps in skin care, prevent acne, erase wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes and help get rid of other skin disorders.
d. The copper impregnated hand gloves are priced at $12.99, to buy the gloves click here
e. The cosmetic complexion-enhancing pillowcase is priced at $49.99, to buy the pillowcase click here
f. The cosmetic complexion-collagen enhancing sleep mask is priced at $12.99, to buy the sleep mask click here
g. The company is offering a 100% money back guarantee on its popular Beauty Sleep Set ( which includes Cupron's Collagen Enhancing Eyemask, Pillowcase and Gloves ). The Beauty sleep set is priced at $59.99 - To buy the set click here
h. The company is undergoing the FDA approval for some of its medical products.