DCS-designs-MRSA-superbug.jpg The fight against the Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) super bug has been going on for a long time now. Hospital gowns are often to blame for the spread of this disease which has now become resistant to certain drugs due to overuse of antibiotics. Therefore, it is a relief that DCS Designs have come out with their unique hospital gown. Though it was originally designed for patient comfort and safety, it has been found to reduce infections also. Invented by Fatima BA-Alawi, this gown has the bug busting agent Permagard which has been provided by Carrington Career & Workwear Ltd. Clinical trials are being conducted currently and to request a free product trial click here.

a. This gown has an anti-microbial finish to control the growth of bacteria.
b. The gown's unique design helps in reducing infection.
c. There is minimum patient handling.
d. Hence, there is less contact with nurse's uniforms and this reduces cross-contamination.
e. This gown makes it easier for the doctor to examine a patient's body.
f. The patient can change into this gown more easily than a regular one.
g. The design increases the efficiency of patient care and improves the safety and comfort of a patient.
i. It can be used by all patients.
j. The press studs along the seams of gown allow the gown to be removed from the patient without excess discomfort or undignified removal of cloths.
k. This is ideal for patients with loss of mobility and who are critically ill.
l. It increases staff efficiency.