Health professionals are forever warning women about the risks posed by high heels. With high heels being in fashion for a long time, women have had a hard time. So it is a relief that a 1970s comfortable and healthy foot wear is now making a comeback with new and updated styles. European designer Michel Meynard has secured the rights to the Earth brand is launching the Earth brand in the US. The Earth brand of shoes is famous for its negative heel, which are uniquely designed so that the heel is much below the foot. The best thing is that it is suitable for all types of feet and the manufacturers claim that their brand of shoes help women reduce cellulite.

Product Features
a. This shoe is designed on the lines of the 1970s footwear.
b. The heels are placed lower than the foot.
c. This shoe creates a 3.7-degree incline for walkers.
d. This shoe was created in 1968 by yoga instructor Anne Kalso.
e. It supposedly aligns the body and corrects posture.
f. It is better to acclimatize the foot by wearing the shoe only for 2 hours for the first time.
g. This shoe is supposed to help wearers build endurance, eliminate back pain, burn more calories through its incline, stimulate and exercise muscles.
h. It improves posture and helps reduce cellulite
i. Each pair costs around $100, to buy click here
j. It comes in a variety of styles.