Ask any smoker and they will admit that trying to quit smoking is the toughest thing to do. Of course, there are products available in the market to help one through the process. Hong Kong based Golden Dragon Group (Holdings) Ltd.'s Ruyan Electronic Cigarettes might just be the right choice. These battery-powered, cigarette-like devices give users the same pleasure as tobacco, delivers nicotine to the body and has been developed as a substitute for the real thing.

Product Features
a. This is a battery driven device resembling a cigarette.
b. It can be inhaled like a cigarette.
c. It delivers nicotine to the body within 7 to 10 seconds and gives the same pleasure as smoking.
d. It emits a non-toxic vapor to give users a more realistic smoking experience.
e. It has a built-in microprocessor and atomiser that combine air intake with nicotine from a cartridge.
f. Each cartridge gives around 370 puffs.
g. This is an alternative to tobacco and can help smokers trying to kick the habit.

Critics point out that users of this device end up inhaling more nicotine than cigarette smokers.

a. $1.56 per cartridge.
b. $208 per e-cigarette.

Available in
a. It is not available in the US.
b. It is available in China, Israel, Turkey, Australia and some European countries.
c. It might soon be available in Austria, Israel, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Turkey.