Stress is the bane of modern times. Almost 90% of all health problems are stress related be it heart disease, anti-aging, bad skin, high blood pressure, stroke, depression or sleep disorders. To fight this problem, emWave has released a personal stress reliever to the market.

Product Review
a. The emWave personal stress reliever is easy to operate and compact enough to fit in your pocket.
b. Using the emWave personal stress reliever is easy, one can just hold the sensor button with the thumb and it detects your pulse and converts it to real-time displays of coherence levels through two light panels.
c. The personal stress reliever shows techniques to which include, help user to coherence levels, reduce stress, increase energy and resilience.
d. It leads to greater mental clarity for decision-making and creativity.
e. It enhances emotional balance and leads to improved listening ability.
f. It provides better sleep.
g. It works well with other stress management techniques.
h. The emWave Personal Stress RelieverĀ® is priced at $199.00 and has a 30-day return guarantee.
i. It weights just 2.2 ounces
j. Click here to buy emWave personal stress reliever