stress-relieving-wrist-band.jpg There is a new stress buster in the market. The HiVox Stress Relieving Wrist Band has taken de-stressing to a new level. This is a simple device that can help the wearer get rid of stress with the help of gentle electrical currents. Trials conducted at the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Sleep Center have proved the efficacy of this device, and also help a person sleep better. The best thing about this is that no effort is required from the user for the de-stressing process.

Product Highlights
a. This is a bio feedback device.
b. It distresses a person without the use of medication.
c. It is meant to be worn on the left wrist.
d. It massages and stimulates pressure points of the inner left wrist.
e. It is gentle and soothing.
f. The effect is similar to acupuncture.
g. The band transmits electrical signals to the wrist, which in turn sends a signal to the brain that that reduces stress.
h. The band is water resistible and adjustable.
i. It is battery operated.

It is not meant for use by cardiac patients.

The stress relieving wrist band costs $79.95, click here to buy