IVIVI Technologies has brought electromagnetic therapy to the mainstream. Till now, plastic surgery patients had a painful recovery. But thanks to IVIVI electromagnetic therapy, they can now recuperate in peace. All they have to do is activate the IVIVI. This product has been introduced in the market after years of research and is said to be thoroughly effective.

Electromagnetic therapy overview
a. This is a portable, battery operated device.
b. It sends minuscule electrical pulses to the incisions on the body.
c. It is basically put on the wounds and the dressing is done over it.
d. The device reduces the swelling, pain and can also be used by patients who have pain from non-invasive procedures, such as botox.
e. It can be worn for up to 2 weeks at a stretch.
f. It is non-invasive, safe and easy to use.
g. The IVIVI technology is also being made available to patients via compression garments.