kiehls-cosmetic-products.jpgSince incorporated in 1851 Kiehl's skin and hair care products, have a firm footing in the beauty market. Kiehl's sample program gives away more than 12 million packets and tubes a year. The products are packed in a plain manner, with listing of ingredients including the guidelines for usage for both men and women. All the ingredients are natural and very little preservatives are used. 30% of Kiehl's customer are men.

Some of the popular products of Kiehl's are

a. The Lip Balm #1 ($5.50) moisturizes cracked or chapped lips and contains SPF 4 sunscreen
b. The Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 ($16.50 for 2.5 ounces) leaves no greasy or sticky residue is a light, yet effective lotion.
c. The French Rosewater ($13) makes a refreshing splash and rose petals placed in bottles by hand.
d. Creative Cream Wax ($15)
e. Papaya Facial Scrub ($25).