Cosmetic surgery has become so common now that almost all of us have some relative or friends who have gone in for surgical enhancements. Yet, it is always so difficult to find the right words to offer compliments for the new look. People who have undergone cosmetic procedures are also often jittery about how their new look will be received. The new Lift Me Up Cards offer a way out. Developed by Camie Dunbar, known for her superb wit and humor, and Matthew Santamarina, whose creativity is applied here for maximum benefit, this line of cards has something for every procedure. Be it a face-lift or a tummy tuck, one can pick up the right congratulatory card and bring a smile to the face of a patient.

Product Features
a. This is a line of humorous cards that can be sent to cosmetic surgery patients.
b. It lifts the spirits of cosmetic surgery patients.
c. It makes the cosmetic procedure a fun thing that is shared by family and friends.
d. This is a celebration of surgical enhancements.
e. It is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of cosmetic surgery patients.
f. These cards are not yet available with major greeting card retailers.
g. The price of 1 card is $2.95, 10 cards is $29.50 and 15 cards is $44.25 and can be purchased online

Where to buy
a. Me Day Spa, South Beach
b. Funky Monkey and Willow Cottage, Dallas
c. Sedona Massage Company, Southlake, TX
d. Aspen Hair Salon, Hollywood, FL,
e. Trademarks in Davie, FL
f. The Glass Slipper, Scottsdale, AZ