It can't get more high tech than this. Fabrics made from optical fibers now provide the missing edge over contemporary fashion… fashionable attires, fashionable accessories and even out of the world pillow and cushion covers. These illuminated fabrics have been introduced in the market by LumiGram and are safe to wear and use.

a. Luminous fabric is made with fiber optics.
b. These clothes give out a colored light throughout the whole length of the fibers.
c. It gives a mysterious and subtle effect in the dark.
d. All items have an on/off switch that gives a person control over the illumination.
e. All items run on very low voltage batteries and do not heat up when switched on.
f. These fabrics come in many colors.
g. It is absolutely safe.
h. One should be careful not to fold these fabrics as it might damage the optical fibres.
i. Hand wash with water up to 70°C and natural soap is recommended for cleaning these fabrics.
j. One should remember to remove the battery before washing.
k. One should never iron or use a washing machine for these fabrics.
l. To buy the Luminious fabrics - click here