mechanical-core-muscle-trainer.jpg A new mechanical core muscle trainer is now available for you to exercise at home while watching TV. The exerciser helps mid section's core muscles to expand and contact, while keep you in a relaxed position.

Exerciser Features
a. This low-impact exerciser will effectively strengthen upper thigh, abdominal, and lower back muscles.
b. It is an ideal muscle trainer for beginners and it makes you to feel no burden and stress on joints.
c. The saddle of this exerciser is suitable to support weights up to 265 pounds.
d. You can pre-program the movements of the saddle with the help of the button.
e. You can control 3 basic programs and nine speeds from the panel at the pommel.
f. The handle is comfortable to balance during the slow workout and simulates gentle back-and-forth motion.
g. It can be hooked to AC.
h. The size of the mechanical core muscle trainer is 29" H x 16 1/2" W x 34 1/3" D.
i. The mechanical core muscle trainer is priced at $1,999.95 and takes 4-6 weeks for delivery.