melafind-melanoma-detection-device.jpg Electro-Optical Sciences Inc an Irvington based company has developed a new device named MelaFind that can detect the dreaded Melanoma skin cancer, at the earliest stage. This path-breaking new technology is believed to avert numerous Melanoma deaths, as early detection can prevent death, in 100% cases.

Product Review
a. MelaFind is a small hand held device with a camera attached to it. The device captures images of suspected moles and compares them with database of (3,000 cases and 250 melanomas) skin lesions.
b. The hand-held camera takes photos in 10 different wavelengths of light. The pictures are compared against the existing database and the patient is given feedback in less than 30 minutes.
c. MelaFind is very efficient in differentiating problematic lesions from normal moles according to their shape.
d. The use of the device avoids the need to perform number of biopsy tests (about 40) currently done. This single test finishes the task of diagnosis, reducing the time and pain associated with biopsies.
e. By identifying melanoma at an early state it can be cured, by a simple procedure of lesion removal.
f. Early detection aids cure of melanoma at a mere cost of $1,800. If the same is treated at advanced stages, it costs up to $168,000. Thus the MelaFind cuts down the cost of treatment, to a significant extent.
g. The accuracy of the device is about 98% in detecting Melanomas.
h. MelaFind is currently under Phase 3 clinical trials. It is expected, to be released into market in 2007.
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